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Top Ten Lists of 2010

Well, it’s December. A time for family, friends, and solitary contemplation on the year that was 2010. By the way, is it pronounced twenty-ten, or two thousand ten? I spent the first ten months of the year trying to figure that out. I tried both ways, and neither one seemed right. Then, I would find myself curled up in a ball late at night, sweating, and longing for the salad days of the 90’s. So much easier to say. Think about it — say to yourself “Back in ’99, man, those were the days.” That has a ring to it. Now say to yourself “Back in ’10, man, I was the cat’s pajamas.” Back in ten? It sounds ridiculous. But back to the point, I finally settled on the pronunciation twenty-ten. What swayed my decision? I will answer that question right now. Being that any given year in the 1900’s was thus pronounced nineteen-(insert numerical year), I began thinking about what life would have been like had everyone been saying, “I graduated high school in one thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-seven.” That’s crazy talk. So the natural extension would be to go from nineteen to twenty. Case closed. Only took me ten months to figure out. Anyways, the main point of this post was to introduce a series of year-end top ten lists, because it seems like that’s the popular thing to do in December. But since I generally live anywhere from 5-20 years behind modern times, these lists will probably have nothing at all to do with 2010 (Twenty Ten). Tomorrow we’re gonna go ahead and look at Jack Handey, of “Deep Thoughts” fame.

Blong. I have a habit of listening to anything with an island rhythm when the weather gets cold. The Expendables. Paper Chains.

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